We help you, the architect, realize your creations and bring to life the dreams of your clients. It all starts with an idea and a dream. Do you have a question about your project? Ask us. We will listen.


Our team knows that listening and responding quickly are critical to the success of your project. From the early stages of schematic design to construction documents, TEKTON Engineers will be your partner. We won’t rest until you and your client are satisfied.


We work on a wide array of small, medium and large projects in the commercial sphere, including large retail stores and shopping malls, multi-unit housing, hotels, restaurants, schools, police and fire facilities, public works facilities and more.

Our expertise includes:

  • Large and complex facilities
  • Complex façades and roof lines
  • Retaining walls
  • Grand staircases
  • Multi-level atriums
  • Garages and equipment storage
  • Police, fire and public works needs


We are adept at coordinating work among the different disciplines involved in a project. We also act on the clients’ behalf with local governments on their requirements and variances. We keep our clients’ interests front-of-mind and are always looking for ways to reduce construction time and cost while maintaining safety and quality.