We recognize that your project challenges are as unique as your industry. Our team crafts solutions specifically for your application, using our vast experience working with manufacturing and industrial clients. Do you have a unique challenge on your project? Ask us about it. We will listen.


Our team of engineers has developed a reputation for serving as highly responsive partners throughout all stages as a client moves from new facility designs to later modifications and expansions (including planning to minimize plant down time). We remain closely involved throughout the whole construction process.

We work with a wide array of industries, including food processing, manufacturing, packaging, printing, distribution centers and more.

Our expertise includes:

  • Industrial plants, manufacuring facilities, modifications and expansions
  • Foundations for assembly lines, machines, presses and other heavy equipment
  • Plant layouts
  • Process layouts
  • Bulk material storage and handling systems
  • Refrigeration and HVAC support
  • Roof reinforcements and rebuilding
  • Equipment platforms and supports
  • Crane bays
  • Building analysis for relocating heavy equipment


We are adept at coordinating work among the different disciplines involved in a project. We also act on clients’ behalf with local governments on their requirements and variances. We keep our clients’ interests front-of-mind and are always looking for ways to reduce construction time and cost while maintaining safety and quality.