Molin Concrete Products out of Lino Lakes, Minn., has selected TEKTON Engineers as the design engineering firm to assist them with the installation of a new precast manufacturing process in an existing facility located in Ramsey, Minn.

The company’s automated process, unique in North America, is designed by German precast company Weckenmann, who is well-known throughout the world as bringing innovative solutions to the precast manufacturing industry. This system automates the building, curing and handling of precast wall panels for greater accuracy with less cost than traditional wall panel manufacturing techniques. Automation allows for very condensed material handling paths which results in a high-capacity plant occupying a very small footprint in comparison to a traditional plant of similar capacity.

TEKTON Engineers is responsible for the modification of the existing building so that it can support the new manufacturing equipment. The new equipment requires multiple pits, embedded rail systems and overhead rail systems. As with any project that involves both the U.S. imperial system of measurement and the metric system, one of the most important parts of this project is accurate conversions of units and verification of dimensions. TEKTON Engineers will play a large role in ensuring that the pieces of this complex process fit together and that all the details are right. The first product is to be manufactured in June of 2015. We are excited to see the final result.